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The more severely its pruned, the bigger and stronger it will grow back.

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Trevor's Hammer Works, with over 25 years of experience, specializes in hard to find, factory duplicated sheet metal parts for 356s. Please browse the online catalog for standard configurations and examples of previous projects.

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Thanks for taking your valuable time to review our products and design offerings. For specific questions, please feel free to e-mail or call anytime.

Our promise to you is user friendly parts at a resonable cost, exceedingly high qualilty, and exceptional service.

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Trevor Marshall (Proprietor)

Trevor' s Hammer Works
PO Box 1382
Willoughby,   OH   44096
Work Phone: 440.953.0501
Fax: 440.602.9885





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Battery Box Assemblies
| Front FendersRear Fenders | Rear Wheel Wells | Trunk Side Walls | Engine Lids
Pre A Chassis | A Chassis | Speedster | ConvD/Roadster


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