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Trevor's Hammer Works: Ask Trevor

Welcome To Trevor's Hammer Works! / Willkommen zur Porsche 356 Seite!

This page is a free forum of frequently asked questions and answers regarding 356 panels and other issues with 356's. Submit your question on our Contact Page.

Frank Wesseling

Question: Hi Trevor wondering if you would have any speedster 356a t1 door tops I took the vinyl off mine and they are pretty thin The car is now painted and just about all together. Frank Wesseling Mosgiel Dunedin New Zealand

Answer: (Unanswered)

jim wrye

Question: Both of my front fenders are sound without rust, with the exception of one area,... The bottom, rear section in front of the door about 6 inches up only. Can you help? Thanks, Jim

Answer: (Unanswered)

John seears

Question: Dear Trevor, Can I send you some photos of underbody panels required for a 1955 Pre-A coupe. Let me know what panels you have available as I like your work and would be keen to install some of your panels. Im based in Melbourne but will be visiting the states next week. thanks, John

Answer: (Unanswered)

Steve Regester

Question: Hello, Do you have a center tunnel for a T5 1960 roadster? Thank you. Steve

Answer: (Unanswered)


Question: I'm restoring a '52 interim bumper car and need a front bumper is that something that you can make?

Answer: (Unanswered)

Bill Tyson BL247@MSN.COM

Question: Hello Trevor, here is my e-mail and phone number as You requested on phone text. Please send a schematic of what all you offer and maybe what is available now and what can be made. Thanks for all Your help, Bill

Answer: (Unanswered)


Question: We need two speedster seat sending to autos international for trimming we are in the U.K. we had a 356 pre a rear clip from you 2012 regards dave dennett

Answer: (Unanswered)

jim wrye

Question: Dashboard cover Coupe, Any plans on making some?

Answer: (Unanswered)

alonso quintero

Question: Hello my name is alonso ihave a 1956 porsche 356 i need to know if you have the doors plates i mean where the doors bolt to the body i dont know the name or part number.

Answer: (Unanswered)

Adri van der Veer

Question: Hi, I need a few parts for my 1955 Pre-A 356: 1. Nose section 2. LH and RH Doors 3. Bonnet (Hood) Can you help me and let me know if you have stock, and what the price would be? I will arrange a shipping address in Florida, from where it will be shipped to South Africa. Thanks! Adri

Answer: (Unanswered)


Question: availability on two door skins for a 1964 356c cabriolet. we already have bought the quarters for this car from you. Thanks, Ed

Answer: (Unanswered)

Jeremy Cole

Question: Hi there, Can you please let me know the cost of a matching pair of complete doors (steel) for a 1958 A. I will be in contact for many more panels however I don't have a cost for these budget wise. Many thanks in advance. jeremy

Answer: (Unanswered)

jim wrye

Question: I'm two or three months away from needing it. Any chance on you making some? Thx, Jim

Answer: (Unanswered)


Question: hello, what shipping and customscharges for france for 1 nose,1 back,2 front wings,2 rear wings,as well as the price of the order and how to pay , please it s for porsche 356 c 1964 number 126870 616/15

Answer: (Unanswered)


Question: hello ,if you have complete font truck floor for porsche 356 c de 1964 number 126870 616:15 and the price please

Answer: (Unanswered)

jim wrye

Question: need; Dashboard cover, Coupe $175.00 NLA-501-018-00 Longitudinal Member, Right NLA-501-017-00 Longitudinal Member, Left, NLA-501-053-03 Rear Floor Pan Half Can you help?

Answer: (Unanswered)

Gary Pace

Question: What would it count to do a body shell?

Answer: (Unanswered)

Marc Schultz

Question: Trevor, I am inquiring to find out if you folks make hood nose panel gutter complete, up along fenders and parallel to front window? I understand that they are on the front fenders you produce.It is great to see you are producing these products and will be ordering some items in the near future. thanks,Marc

Answer: (Unanswered)


Question: Hi Trevor Do you happen to produce the Pre A cowl area?

Answer: (Unanswered)

Steve Raucher

Question: Rear fenders were flared/rolled in 1974. Want to bring back to stock. Can send you pics and measurements. Want to save $. Can you fab just the portion of panel I need or I can only buy the whole panel? Need stock metal thin bead on inside bottom of fender. Thank you.

Answer: (Unanswered)

Mickey Hutchko

Question: Pricing and availability for door striker panels and rocker panels, not the combo rocker/sill.

Answer: (Unanswered)

George Klouda

Question: Trevor, do you have a right rear quarter panel for a 1963 356B (T6)coupe? It appears that the front welds to the B-pillar (post)and its rear is just beyond the rear window. Kind regards, George

Answer: (Unanswered)

John Holden

Question: price and delivery cost and date of receiving needed please... left quarter panel rear

Answer: (Unanswered)

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Answer: (Unanswered)

Robert Getreu

Question: I have a 356 project that was just blasted and stripped. Unfortunately for me the body is not as solid as I had wished for. I was interested to know if you did repairs or just provided panels. Second if you dont which it does not seem you do is there a shop you like in my area or even not in my area? My zip code is 10504 which is north of NYC. I am hopeful you could point me in the correct direction as i think the repairs maybe a little much for my current guy. thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Answer: (Unanswered)


Question: I need a complete rear panel for a 1953 356 and a front nose panel for a 53 I was wondering what you have in stock that could be shipped or is that a situation that you guys have to make it if so can you let me know what the ETA would be on that

Answer: (Unanswered)

Thomas Schuster

Question: Says to email for price and availability

Answer: (Unanswered)

Jonathan Ockrim

Question: Is it possible to recreate a replica speedster using your panels and welding them together. How much would this cost to assemble the body of a complete car?

Answer: (Unanswered)

Shel hart

Question: Trevor, do you make the bottom seat tray the springs sit in for a 1960 356 t5 coupe? If not, any idea where I can find used?

Answer: (Unanswered)

Kathe Barnett

Question: I'm coordinating parts for my A restoration. Do you have: 1) Left half (only) front clip? 2) Do you make tail skin center panel similar to Stoddard part 644-503-08400 (they only provide B & C)

Answer: (Unanswered)

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