Terms and Conditions of Sale

In stock means that I have at least one on hand; we do not stock mass quantities in a warehouse therefore, parts are here at the time of quotation.
We do not accept credit card payments. This is a very low volume operation.

A deposit of 10% by check, bank transfer, or money order is required on orders to set aside shop time for your specific order.
Your deposit is not refundable and no returns.

You may not delete items from your order. If you add items to your order it is obvious that the delivery time will be affected.
Lead time for delivery (at time of inquiry) is an estimate at that point in time. The lead time will need to be recalculated when deposit arrives, the situation can change to a lot longer lead time or sometimes sooner.

Approximate delivery times are just that: APPROXIMATE. The larger the order the larger the variance in shipping times.

There is generally no discount for large quantities of items, unless you order 12 of the same item, we may make a pre-determined exception. This is a non-mass production operation. Price tiers do not apply.Our pricing is based on the lowest possible costs on every part that is offered.  Your price is determined by time, labor, and materials. We do not work on a large profit of margin. Do not be offended if you are not offered a discount.  EVERYONE GETS THE SAME PRICE!

Domestic Shipping: UPS Ground, their prevailing rates, no up charges. Parts are insured for 100% of their value. You may not pick up an order, orders must be shipped due to certain strict standards.
International Shipping: DHL Global Forwarding, their prevailing rate, no up charges. Parts are insured for 100% of their value.

Packaging materials:

  • 67” x 17” x 28” @ 125.00USD. Double walled, heavy gauge, corrugated cardboard material.
    (Fits a nose panel and a pair of fenders.)
  • 46” x 18” x 28” @ 60.00USD. Double walled, heavy gauge, corrugated cardboard material.
    (One fender or can be cut down to ship door skins, quarter panels, or battery box assemblies)
    Your parts will arrive undamaged with a 99% success rate over 15 years.

Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is required to ensure that the correct part is produced. Please produce this with your deposit.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
We only have your best interests in mind by creating these standards.


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