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Trevor's Hammer Works has designed a number of doors for restorative and replacement projects. The patterns were formed directly off perfect factory original doors on loan from private collections to assure perfect form fit and function. Below are a few examples of door work that was completed for a client in Mexico.

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$US E-mail for Pricing

Door, Type A
Door, Type A (195X-5X)
20 ga. Steel Construction (Std.)

Coupe Door Skins. Cost $950.00 each or $1800.00 a pair. The year of car information is needed when ordering.


Speedster Door Panel T-1 or T-2 information needed.
$950.00 for one, $1800.00 pair.


Convertible/Roadster Door Panel. 1959-1962.
$950.00 for one, $1800.00 pair.


Cabriolet Door Skin
Year of car needed when ordering
$950.00 for one, $1800.00 pair.




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