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Trevor's Hammer Works manufactures Porsche 356 rear body panels that are not found in the pages of the major catalogue houses. Below are several examples from a recent restoration project- Please e-mail with your requirements.

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Trevor Marshall (Proprietor)

Trevor' s Hammer Works
PO Box 1382
Willoughby,   OH   44096
Work Phone: 440.953.0501
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5462 rear cowel
$US E-mail for Prices

Rear Cowl Top, 54 to 62
Rear Cowl Top, fits all Speedsters and Roadsters including Convertible D 1954 to 1962

Body Bumper
Rear Body Panels
Coupe Pre-PreA and Pre-PreA Cabriolet
1950-1952 $3500.00 (no images at this time)

Rear Body Panel Cabriolet.
1950-1952 COST$3500.00

NOTE: Bumper not included

po B/C Open Rear Body Panel 1960-1965 cost $1950.00.

t6 T6 Coupe Rear Body Panels
1962-1965 cost $1950.00

adfg T5 Coupe Rear Body Panels.
1960-1961 cost $1950.00

sdc T2 A, Open
Rear Body Panels.

1958-1959 cost $1950.00

t2a T2 A, Coupe
Rear Body Panels

1958-1959 cost $1950.00

t1c T1 Open Rear Body Panels
1956-1957 cost $1950.00

t1102 T1 A, Coupe Rear Body Panel
1956-1957 cost $1950.00


PreA Coupe
Rear Body Panel

1953-1955. cost $1950.00

Note: Step in valance available on request, for exhaust clearance.


PreA, Open Body
Rear Body Panel

1953-1955 cost $1950.00

Note: Step in valance available on request, for exhaust clearance.

Rear Body Panel Coupe.

Cost $3500.00
NOTE: Bumper is not included.




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